Ongoing Series

Miss Shikimori Is Not Just Cute

Shikimori and Izumi are high school sweethearts. They hold hands walking home from school, they flirt in the halls, they tease each other. But Shikimori knows what she wants, and how to get it, and she can turn from cutie to cool in an instant!

Man Drowning In A Veil

Meet Aimu Hanamichi, a young man who towers just over 2m10cm tall but has a heart as soft as a teddy bear.
He constantly battles stereotypes and the harsh judgements of others. Will Aimu learn to love himself the way he is, will he change, or will he drown in the pressure and misery of all the misconceptions surrounding him?

Witch Hunter

Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart.

They summon monsters called “Supporters” and devastate human residences but why?

Survivors gather people with the power to combat the witches and called them Witch Hunters! Tasha Godspell is one of the strongest nicknamed “The Marksman” along with his “Jack-O-Lantern” looking Supporter. He fights the witches but cannot really bring himself to hate them.

Oroka Na Tenshi Wa Akuma To Odoru

Masatora Akutsu has just transferred into class in Japan from a long way away – all the way from Hell, to be exact. Akutsu is a demon who’s come to Earth to find someone who can motivate the forces of Hell to fight back against the invading Heavenly army. He immediately sets his sights on one of his classmates, the kind and beautiful Lily Amane, but ends up in way over his head when it turns out Lily has some secrets of her own!

Showa Otome Otogibanashi

Once upon a time in the city of Kobe, there was a girl and a boy. Both lived under abusive households, and the two swore an oath to be together until death. However, they are quickly separated, seemingly forever. That is, until a chance encounter reunites them three years later…

Clevatess -The King of Devil Beasts, The Baby and the Brave of Undead- 

It killed the heroes, killed the king, the devil beast then found the “baby of fate”…
Having both superior intellect and destructive power, such is Clevatess, the king of the devil beasts.
Angered by the 13 heroes tasked to take his life, he decided to bring ruin on mankind but get entrusted with an unexpected nuisance: a newborn human baby.
Is it the tale of a near-ending world close to the apocalypse or the diary of new era childcare?

Dead Ringer 

Two mysterious people wake up in a mysterious place looking like a prison. Both suffering from amnesia what does await them in this seemingly locked up place?

Ike Loli

This is a love comedy about a highschool couple spending their time carefreely. The boyfriend, Tooru, has a habit of being a Lolicon/ is a Lolicon, while the girlfriend, Rumi, who has an appearance similar to a grade-schooler.

The Wolf In Love And Mille-Feuille

Maya Suou, A highschool girl who was called “Wolf Girl” in the past, was living her usual everyday life.
I don’t want to get involved in extraordinary events anymore… Even though Maya decided that, she was suddenly dragged into a fight between a “Little Red Riding Hood” and a “Wolf”. Maya smirked unconsciously “I have a plan. I also have the means. Ending everything here despite that would be such a waste and I won’t allow it.” And so began this dark fairy tale as the wolf fell in love.